Carl Runefelt Net worth, Age, Life style, Girlfriend, Family and more

If you are fond of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, then you might have the name of legend Carl Runefelt. he is known as a master of Bitcoin and crypto. Carl Runefelt is well known social media personality, internet sensation, content creator, entrepreneur, crypto investor and YouTuber. He is known for his success story and the struggles he has done in his past life. He is also known for his youtube channel, “The moon“, where he gives the proper update on Bitcoin and crypto.

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Carl Runefelt’s Net Worth

So, hello friends. In this article, we will be discussing internet sensation and bitcoin master Carl Runefelt net worth, His Annual income, girlfriends, lifestyle, family, career, and many secrets of which you are totally unaware. Please read the article carefully to know about his lifestyle if you are a fan of Carl Runefelt, and do share in your friend circle and relatives.

Carl Runefelt Net worth 2023

Carl Runefelt is one of the youngest billionaires in the world in a very short period of time. According to the report, the net worth of Carl Runefelt, as estimated in 2023, is $1.1 billion dollar. However, this isn’t the exact figure of his net worth. Carl has many sources to make money, but the majority of his income is generated from crypto. He also makes good money from his youtube channels and other social media platforms. He runs two youtube channels where he has millions of views.

Carl Runefelt is also a good investor. Since the time he knew the bitcoin price is going down day by day, he started investing some percentage of his income in startups. He has invested his money in the fintech company and also is the co-founder of KASTA and Bitcoinsensus. He also makes good money from these companies. It is basically about the crypto and Bitcoin from where people can get the best crypto exchange.

Stats of His Net worth

YearNet Worth
2023$1.1 billion
2022Apporox $1 billion
2021$740 million
2020$555 million

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Carl Runefelt Annaul Income, Monthly Income and Daily Income

Based on the report, we have found that Carl Runefelt annually earns $250,000 from youtube. Since he is in the field of Crypto, the income keeps fluctuating, so it isn’t easy to get monthly and daily income. If we find and report data, we will update it soon.

Annual IncomeWill Update Soon
Monthly IncomeWill Update Soon
Daily IncomeWill Update Soon

Carl Runefelt Rise of Career

The journey from being a simple cashier to a billionaire in a few years wasn’t an easy job. So, friends, in this session, we will be discussing how he became a billionaire from a simple cashier in a grocery shop.

Carl Runefelt was born in Sweden and grew up there only. He worked as a cashier in a small grocery in his hometown to support his family financially and fulfil his demand. Though he wasn’t happy with his job, he had to do it for money. After his working hour, he used to search for how to make money online and more.

And he heard about digital marketing, and he started doing e-commerce, where he used to sell products online, but he has been searching some other jobs along with e-commerce. And he saw about Bitcoin, where people were more involved. Then he started a youtube channel to sell the products online with Bitcoin names on t-shirts. He started learning about bitcoin and teaching people through youtube.

He realized that this was the passion he was looking for and started investing his saving in Bitcoin. Finally, at the end of 2017, his life changed because the price of Bitcoin increased by 10 times, and other cryptocurrencies increased by 100 times. From that day, his life grew up. And now he is one of the billionaires in the world.

Carl uploaded his first video in 2017 on youtube, and his life changed and the end of 2017. He has invested most of his income in Bitcoin, and he is also an angel investor. He invests his money in a new startup. He has invested in the company like Solana blockchain-based video games. Basically, it is spaced themed video game. Some other companies are metaverse star atlas, Victoria Virtue, solRaZr, and Reality Metaverse.

He is the co-founder of KASTA and Bitcoinsensus. It gives people knowledge about crypto and bitcoin. KASTA is a platform where people don’t have to pay any charge on the peer to peer transactions with each other in crypto. He is also the founder of MEM lifestyle coaching LLC and TheMoonGroup. He has invested in almost 400+ cryptocurrencies.

Carl Runefelt age

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Carl Runefelt Bio

Carl Runefelt was born on 5 September 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden. He was born into a simple family. Carl Runefelt is Swedish by nationality and currently living in Dubai, UAE. Carl Runefelt hasn’t mentioned anywhere about his parents so we couldn’t get their names. We will let you soon if it is updated. Carl Runefelt is living his life in a lavish way.

Before he was rich, he dreamed of flying in a jet, buying expensive stuff, driving sports cars, visiting new places and many countries and many more. Now he is living his life like a king. Recently he has posted a pic with Buggati, and he owns it.

NameCarl Runefelt
Nick NameCarl or The Moon
Date of Birth5 September 1994
Birth PlaceStockholm
Birth NationSweden
Age as of 202327 Years
Current ResidenceDubai, UAE
Zodiac SignVirgo
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsWill Update Soon
SiblingsWill Update Soon
EthnicityWill Update Soon

Carl Runefelt Girlfriend

Carl Runefelt is a very focused person. He created his empire at the age of 27 years. And he doesn’t like to any things about his personal life. He says he is currently focusing on his career and doesn’t have anyone in his life. Previously he had 2 girlfriends whose names aren’t disclosed yet. But currently, he is single in his life and doing well.


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Carl Runefelt Education

Carl Runefelt has completed his schooling at some local school but hasn’t completed his bachelor’s. It is found that from a young age, he started working despite going to college. From childhood, he wasn’t interested in going to school and college. We couldn’t find any more about his education.

SchoolingFrom Some Local School
GraduateWill Update Soon

Carl Runefelt Youtube Channel

Before entering the field of buying Bitcoin, he used to make videos on youtube. He was learning and teaching people parallelly through youtube. Later he started buying Bitcoin and all. So, in the first 6 months, he wasn’t earning from youtube because the channel wasn’t monetized. Later he started making good money on his channel.

Currently, he has 2 youtube channels. “The Moon“, where he has 581k subscribers and 20 million views. In this channel, he keeps updating us about crypto and Bitcoin. He is a full-time crypto investor. And another is” Carl Runefelt Vlogs“, where he has 279k subscribers and 50 million views. It is a vlogging channel where he uploads the places he visits, new stuff he buys and more.

Carl Runefelt Height, Weight

Do you know the actual height of Carl Runefelt? What is the weight of Carl Runefelt? If not, be with us here. We will discuss his height, weight, physical appearance, and Measurements. Carl Runefelt is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, and he is 67kg or 147 pounds in weight. It is seen that the weight keeps fluctuating according to his diet plan and gym. Carl Runefelt has Dark brown hair and Ligh blue eyes. He has fair body colour.

Weight67kg or 147 pound
Hair colorDark Brown
Eyes ColorLight Blue
Body ColorFair

Carl Runefelt Social Media Account

Social Media NameAccount LinkAccount NameFollowers
FacebookClick HereCarl Runefelt2.4K
InstagramClick Herethemooncarl280K
LinkedinClick HereCarl Runefelt3100
TwitterClick HereCarl From The Moon1.3M
Tik TokWill Update SoonWill Update SoonWill Update Soon

FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Carl Runefelt?

Carl Runefelt is one of the famous full-time crypto investor, YouTuber, entrepreneur, social media personality and content creator.

2. What do Carl Runefelt do?

Carl Runefelt is a full-time crypto investor and founder of TheMoonGroup, KASTA, and Bitcoinsensus, and he has invested in 400+ cryptocurrencies.

3. Who is the girlfriend of Carl Runefelt?

Currently, Carl Runefelt mentions himself to be single. He is focusing on his goal and career. If there is any update, we will let you know soon.

4. When was Carl Runefelt born?

Carl Runefelt was born on 5 September 1994 in Stockholm, Sweden.

5. What is the net worth of Carl Runefelt?

The net worth of Carl Runefelt in 2023 is estimated to be $1.1 billion.

6. Age of Carl Runefelt.

As of 2023, Carl Runefelt is 27 years old young billionaire.

7. Parents of Carl Runefelt.

Carl Runefelt hasn’t mentioned his parents anywhere in his social media account and interview, so that we couldn’t find their names.

8. Carl Runefelt account name on Instagram.

On Instagram, Carl Runefelt is known by themooncarl.

Ending Words

So, friends, this is the article on Carl Runefelt net worth and his early life. This article will really inspire for those who think they can’t do anything in their life. His life journey teaches that miracles don’t happen in films only. It also happens in real life. But you have to focus on your career and goal. You should have consistency in the work. This article covers Carl Runefelt’s age, height, rise in career, personal life, and girlfriend. I hope you like the article. Thank You.

Have a Good Day.

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