Harsh Beniwal Net Worth 2023: New Gf,Age,Wiki & Bio

Harsh Beniwal Net Worth
Harsh Beniwal Net Worth 2023

In India, many creators upload comedy sketches on youtube, and all have an immense fan following, and Harsh Beniwal is also among them. Harsh Beniwal has been one of the creators from the start of youtube, and till now, he is relevant in the Indian audience.

He provides quality content on youtube which is relatable to all Indian audiences. He is still one of the most popular creators in the Indian youtube community. In This article, we will discuss the harsh Beniwal net worth, his personal life, family background, and life struggle.

Who is Harsh Beniwal?

Harsh Beniwal is an Indian YouTuber and creator popular among the country’s youth. He mainly makes comedy sketches, but now he is making a short movie on his youtube channel, which consists of Action drama and a lot of comedy.

Harsh Beniwal is the only YouTuber as of 2023 who has done a Bollywood movie and two popular Hindi web series. Harsh Beniwal has achieved many things, but it was challenging. His dream, hard work, and dedication earned him everything.

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Harsh Beniwal Net Worth 2023.

The net worth of harsh renewal is around $5 million, which is approximately 41 crore in Indian rupees, and most of his net worth comes from his youtube channel, brand deals, and sponsorship. He has been a creator of youtube since 6 May 2015, which is a long period. And he has collected all his net worth during this period.

Harsh Beniwal has many sources of income apart from youtube, where he has generated all this net worth. But one thing is sure he has generated all this net worth because of his hard work. He has struggled a lot in the initial phase of his youtube journey. As a result, he has generated all this.

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Net worth stats from 2015 to 2023

Net worthNet worth Amount
In 2015$0.3 million
In 2016$1.8 million
In 2017$2 million
In 2018$3 million
In 2019$4.8 million
In 2020$3.2 million
In 2021$4 million
In 2022$4.3 million
In 2023$5 million

Harsh Beniwal monthly and annual income

As of 2023, Harsh Beniwal’s monthly income is around 20 lakh per month, and his annual income is around 2 crores 40 lakh. The income from harsh beniwal mostly comes from his youtube video and sponsorship, which he does in his video by promoting brands on his Instagram and youtube videos and many other sources.

NameHarsh Beniwal
Total Net Worth$5 million
Net Worth In Indian Rupees41 crore
Monthly Income20 lakh
Annual Income2.4 crore
Income SourcesYoutube,Sponspership
Movies and web series

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Sources of Harsh Beniwal’s Net Worth

Harsh Beniwal is an Indian YouTuber; most of his income comes from his youtube video. Apart from a youtube video, there are many other sources from where he generates money and has generated different sources for his net worth. All of his sources of net worth have been discussed below.

One of the primary sources of income is his youtube channel. He creates and uploads videos on his youtube channel, and his viewers watch that videos. That youtube pays him monthly according to his views on his youtube channel. Youtube income can be varied because youtube pays him according to his views.

And from 2015 to 2023, he earns money from youtube and youtube. I have generated name famous fan following, and through the help of youtube, I have generated other sources of income.

Apart from his youtube, the other source of net worth of harsh beniwal is brand promotion and sponsorship. When harsh beniwal uploads a video on his youtube channel, he promotes some brands in his video, and in return, brands pay a lot of money to harsh beniwal, which generates income for harsh beniwal.

Apart from online income, harsh beniwal has also made some real estate investments from which harsh beniwal gets some income. Hence it’s one of the sources of net worth.

Harsh Beniwal also does a movie, web series, and some shows which pay a massive amount to harsh Beniwal, and it’s also one of the sources of harsh Beniwal income. But Harsh does not do many movies, so the primary source of his net worth is his youtube video and brand promotion.

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Harsh Beniwal early life and family background.

Harsh Beniwal was born on 13 Feb 1996 in the capital city of Delhi. His childhood was good because he was from an upper-middle-class family. He stayed in Delhi with his mom, dad, and sister. Harsh Beniwal mother’s name is Sunita Beniwal, and his father’s name is unknown. He has one sister, the harsh Beniwal sister name is Pria Beniwal. She is married to Punjabi singer Millind Gaba.

From his childhood days, he was fond of acting. He used to perform drama in his school program, and he always liked to be popular, and he had a dream to be a big actor and always wanted to be part of a Bollywood movie. Harsh Beniwal school name is Maharaja Agrasen Model School, and after completing his schooling, he did not want to study, so he did BCA because he thought he didn’t have to study more in this course and he could easily focus on his dream.

His parents were unhappy with his decision to be an actor, but he convinced his parents that he will also complete college. And As a side hustle, he will do acting, and his parents were convinced. So Harsh Beniwal started to make comedy videos and upload them on Facebook and Vines Aap, and slowly, gradually, he moved to youtube, and the rest is history.

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Harsh Beniwal Biography

NameHarsh Beniwal
Nick NameHarshu
Date of Birth13 june 1996
Age27 years old
Birth PlaceNew Delhi,India
Father NameUnknown
Mother NameSunita Beniwal
Sister NamePria Beniwal Gaba
School NameMaharaja Agrasen Model School

Harsh Beniwal’s Youtube Journey

Harsh always wanted to be an actor and work in movies, but he also knew that it’s not easy to get a role in a film, so he used to upload a short 1-minute comedy video in an app known as Vines. Harsh Beniwal used to get a lot of appreciation and views for his vines video, and one of his friends told him to create a channel on youtube and upload that Vine on that youtube channel, and in return, youtube would also pay him money.

Harsh Beniwal likes the concept that when he uploads his video on youtube, then, in return, he will get money according to views in his youtube videos. So harsh beniwal created his youtube channel on 6th May 2015. And after creating his youtube channel, he started to upload comedy sketches in his channel. Slowly and gradually, his subscriber started to increase, people began to like his content, and he started to earn money from his youtube channel.

And after a few years, he became one of the big names in India and one of the most successful creators on Indian youtube. After having lots of views in his videos, brands started to approach him to promote brands in his video, and hence he began to earn a lot of money through it.

Harsh Beniwal New Video

Harsh Beniwal movie and web series.

When Harsh Beniwal became a famous creator in India, he started getting movie and web series offers, and he accepted that offers. So the first movie in which harsh beniwal has done a role is Student of the Year 2. And he has also done web series like Who’s Your Daddy, campus Diaries, and his other projects will be released soon.

Harsh beniwal movie and web series list

Harsh Beniwal Movie NameHarsh Beniwal Web Series Name
Student of the year 2Who’s your Dadd, campus diaries

Harsh Beniwal Team member

fri 3 11zon 1
Harsh Beniwal Team Member

At the initial phase of his career, harsh Beniwal was doing everything alone, but when he thought to improve the quality of his content, he made a good team of writers, Dop, and directors. So the harsh Beniwal team member’s names are Purav Jha, Mohit Chhikara, Akriti Bajpai, Meghna Yadav, Shivam Bajpai, and many more.

Harsh Beniwal used to say that he is in this position because of his team member, and he used to spend most of his time with his team member discussing scripts, video ideas, planning for his channel, and many more. Harsh Beniwal friends are their teammates only because his bonding with his teammates is like friends.

Harsh Beniwal Social media accounts

Social Media NameUser NameLink
YouTube The Harsh BeniwalLink
Facebookharshbeniwalofficial  Link

Favourite Things of Harsh Beniwal

Favorite ActorShah Rukh Khan
Favorite ActressDeepika Padukon
Favorite movie3 idiots
Favorite SportspersonM.S. Dhoni
Favorite SingerArijit singh
Favorite SportsCricket
Favorite FoodChicken Butter masala
Favorite colourYellow

Harsh Beniwal Car and Bike Collection

Harsh Beniwal loves to fulfill his dream, which he dreamt of in his childhood. So harsh Beniwal car collections are Mercedes-Benz, Mahindra Thar, and Toyota Fortuner. He also has a dream to buy a supercar which he is planning to buy soon, and he loves to have a lavish lifestyle, and he will buy and fulfill all his dream, which he has dreamt of.

And when it comes to bikes, Harsh Beniwal does not like to ride a bike, and it’s uncomfortable for harsh to ride a bike because he has an immense fan following, and when he rides a bike then in the middle of the road, his fan will come and will ask him for a selfie which will cause a traffic jam in the road. So he likes to travel in a car so no one will see him.

FAQ about Harsh Beniwal

Harsh beniwal Girlfriend Name?

Pratishtha Sharma was the girlfriend of harsh renewal, but they broke up last year, so it is unknown who the gf of harsh beniwal as of 2023.

Harsh Beniwal height?

Harsh Beniwal height is 5 feet 5 inch which is 165 cm.

Harsh beniwal age?

Harsh beniwal is 27 years old as of 2023.

Harsh beniwal height in feet?

Harsh beniwal height in feet is 5ft 5 inch.

Harsh beniwal web series name?

Harsh beniwal web series name are Who’s your Daddy and campus Diaries.

Harsh beniwal monthly income?

The monthly income of harsh beniwal is 20 lakh indian rupees.


So here our article about harsh beniwal net worth ends. In this article, we have tried to discuss every aspect of harsh beniwal, like his family background, team member, youtube journey, and many more. If there are any changes in the net worth of harsh Beniwal, then we will update you ASAP

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