Manoj Dey Net Worth [2023],Biography, GF, carrer and personal life.

Hey are you fan of manoj dey and want to know about Manoj Dey Net Worth? Don’t worry in this article we have discussed each and every aspect of manoj dey life.

Manoj Dey Net Worth
Manoj Dey Net Worth

If anyone tells me that do I know any person who has completely transformed his life from Rags to Riches, then I can say that yes, I have seen someone who was Rag, but due to his dedication and hard work, he has become Riches, and I am talking non-other than Manoj Dey.

People are searching for Manoj dey biography on Google, YouTube, and everywhere they can because his life transformation is just an example of hard work and dedication. So in this article, we will discuss the net worth of Manoj dey, his career, his family background, his struggle, his story from rags to riches, and many more.

Manoj Dey Net Worth 2023

Manoj dey net worth is around $0.5 million to $0.6 million, approximately 4 to 5 crore in Indian rupee. Most of the net worth of Manoj Dey comes from his youtube channel. Manoj dey earns 5 to 8 lakh per month from his youtube channel, and his income is increased in the past few years because he has a total of 3 channels. All his channels have millions of subscribers except one, and he gets many views. Due to that, he earns more, and hence increases net worth.

Besides his youtube income, Manoj dey also has one shop and bought land and a house, which helped increase his net worth. In his recent video, he said he is opening a new shop in which all the gadgets and electronic items will be available, which are necessary for a YouTuber or a creator.

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sources of Manoj Dey’s net worth

Manoj dey has a total of 3 youtube channel, and all channel gets lots of views which help to earn more hence it increases the monthly income of Manoj dey, and indirectly, it helps to increase his net worth of Manoj dey.

Apart from earning from youtube adsense, he also paid well when he did brand promotion in his youtube video or his Instagram story. Suppose some brands want to promote their brand, then they contact Manoj dey and tell him to create a youtube video and promote his brand in that video. The brand gives him huge money, which increasing his net worth.

Net worth stats of Manoj Dey from 2017 to 2023

Net Worth in 2017$1000
Net Worth in 2018$2000
Net Worth in 2019$5000
Net Worth in 2020$0.1 million
Net Worth in 2021$0.2 million
Net Worth in 2022$0.3 million
Net Worth in 2023$0.5 million

Manoj Dey Monthly and Annual Income

The monthly income of Manoj dey is around 5 lakh to 8 lakh per month, and his income mainly comes from his youtube adsense and the brand’s promotion, which he does in his youtube video. The monthly income of Manoj dey fluctuates because the income of youtube mainly depends upon the number of views the video gets.

Manoj Dey IncomeAmount
Monthly Income5 to 8 lakh Approx
Annual Income90 to 95 lakh Approx
Total Net Worth4 to 5 crore Approx

Who is Manoj Dey?

Manoj Dey is an Indian YouTuber and creator with millions of subscribers and is one of the most popular YouTubers in India. His mass fan following is among those who live in Up, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Because people who live in that area can connect with Manoj dey more, and Manoj dey’s success feels like their own success because every lower middle class and an upper-middle-class person can understand and connect with Manoj dey easily because Manoj dey also comes from a lower-middle-class family and due to his hard work he has changed his life completely.

Manoj Dey Biography [Personal Details]

Name Manoj Dey
Date Of Birth12 july 1997
Age26 years old
Birth PlaceDhanbad, Jharkhand, India
WifeJyoti Shree Mahto
NetWorth$0.5 million to $0.6 million
NetWorth in indian Rupees4 crore to 5 crore

Early life and family background of Manoj Dey

Manoj Dey was born on 12th July 1997 in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India. He was born into a lower-middle-class family, so his childhood was terrible. He doesn’t have a proper home to sleep, his father was a cycle mechanic, and his mother was a housewife. His father only used to earn 50 to 80 rs per day, and with that money, they had to live.

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Manoj dey has not even got a good education because of financial issues, so he studied in a government school in his village and passed his board exam. After that, he wanted to help his family financially, so he used to give tuition to a student in a lower class than him.

Manoj was fed up with this lifestyle because his dream was always big. Still, he was not getting enough opportunities to achieve that dream, so he thought to create that opportunity for himself, and he started to search about how to earn money and found out about youtube.

When Manoj found out about youtube, he gave 100% on his youtube channel, and the rest is history. Now he has more than 4 million subscribers on his main channel and has 1 million on his vlogging channel. Manoj has everything he has dreamt of, but achieving everything takes time and effort.

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Manoj Dey Age, Height, Weight

Age26 years old
Height5 feet 4 inch
Weight55 Kg
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Regarding Age, Manoj Dey is 26 years old according to his date of birth, and his height is 5 feet 4 inches. Majoj dey is a thin guy, so his weight is around 55kg, which might differ because his weight never remains constant. When it comes to hair color and eye color than both are black.

How Manoj Dey youtube carrer started

As Manoj dey’s family was having a lot of financial crises, so, he thought to help his family and wanted to achieve all his dream that he was dreaming from his childhood. So one day, he saw a video of Dharmendra Kumar on youtube, and from that video, Manoj knew that from youtube also, he could earn money. Manoj dey says that dharmendra kumar is his guru and mentor.

After knowing that from youtube he could earn money, Manoj created his youtube channel, and he started to upload videos regarding tips and tricks about youtube, but the journey was not smooth. After running that youtube channel for more than two months, his youtube channel got deleted, and it demotivated Manoj.

But Manoj has not given up on his dream. He thought to give it a chance again, and he started to upload videos on his youtube channel. He was not making the mistake that he was previously used to, and after a lot of struggle and hard work, his video started to get views, and slowly and steadily, his channel started to grow.

And when his channel started to grow, the money he used to earn then he used to invest by buying gadgets to improve his youtube video quality. Now youtube channel Manoj Dey has more than 4 million subscribers, and he has also created another channel, his vlogging channel. That channel has over 1 million subscribers, and both are running successfully.

And due to that channel, Manoj Dey has become a household name for the people who live in Bihar and Jharkhand. Manoj dey fan used to come to his house in Bihar and meet him. he has a cult fan following among the youth of his state and nearby state. He has become immensely popular and has a mass fan following because of his hard work and dedication, which he has done in the initial phase of his life.

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Manoj Dey All channel list 2023

Manoj Dey Channel NameSubscriber countlink of his channel
Manoj Dey4.24 million SubscriberLink
Manoj Dey Vlogs1.07 million SubscriberLink
Manoj Dey’s Podcast92.5 ThousandLink

Manoj Dey has three channels, and Manoj Dey is his primary channel name, and others are Manoj Dey vlogs and Manoj dey’s podcast, and all channels have more than a million subscribers except his podcast channel. And all three channel helps to generate more net worth.

Manoj Dey Girlfriend/Wife

manoj dey marriage 1
Manoj Dey wife

In the initial phase of Manoj dey’s youtube journey, it was a mystery who was Manoj dey Girlfriend. Now Manoj dey is married to his long-time girlfriend, Jyoti Shree Mahto, who is also a YouTuber. It was a struggle for Manoj to marry her girlfriend.

Suddenly Manoj Dey uploaded a pic on his Instagram account, and the caption was “We finally got married” Everyone was shocked, so after a few day, Manoj Dey uploaded a video on his youtube channel and explained the mystery behind it.

In short, the Manoj Dey family and Jyoti Shree Mahto family were not permitted to marry, so they thought to leave the house and marry. They married without proper planning, but now, according to his video, everything is alright between both families.

So now we can say that Manoj dey wife name is jyoti shree mahto, and they both are happily married. Manoj dey called all his friends to his native and threw a grand party in one of the best party palaces of Jharkhand, and he enjoyed himself a lot with his friend and family member.

Manoj Dey Car and Bike Collection

From childhood, Manoj dey dreamed of having a car and bike, but it was impossible to achieve his goal earlier, but now Manoj dey has achieved his dream car and bike with hard work and dedication.
When it comes to the Manoj dey bike collection, then Manoj dey has one Classic 350 bullet bike, one Apache 160, and one hero splendor. He has achieved all this due to his youtube channel. Recently he bought one scooter for roaming in his village because it is uncomfortable to use a bike all the time.
And here comes Manoj dey car collection so. When it comes to the car, then Manoj dey had a dream of having a car from his childhood, so at first, he bought a maruti celerio x, and he learned to drive a car, and after a few months, he bought a top model tata harrier which he is still using. And according to his youtube video, Manoj dey dream car is BMW.

FAQ about Manoj Dey

What is the income of Manoj Dey ?

5 to 8 lakh Approx is the income of manoj dey.

What is the age of Manoj Dey?

Manoj dey is 26 years old

Who is the no.1 youtuber in jharkhand?

Manoj Dey is the no 1 youtuber in jharkhand.

Who is the wife of manoj Dey?

Jyoti Shree Mahto is the wife of manoj dey.


Manoj dey has achieved all his dreams because of his dedication, and finally, the hustle he was doing has got a good result for him. So here our article about Manoj dey net worth ends. I hope you like our article, and if there is any update regarding the net worth of Manoj day, then we will update it soon. If you have any doubts or conditions, you can comment or mail us.

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