Total Gaming Net Worth: The Rise of India’s Most Mysterious Gaming YouTuber.

Total Gaming is a popular Indian gaming content creator on YouTube who mostly got popular by playing free Fire on his youtube channel. He has a huge fan following with his engaging and entertaining free-fire gameplay.

Total Gaming Net Worth
Total Gaming Net Worth

Despite being immensely popular among the youth of this nation, Total Gaming has kept his real name and face a mystery, and up to date, no one knows his real face. But despite showing his face, he is earning a lot, so In this article, we will take a closer look at Total Gaming net worth, personal life, real name, and why he doesn’t show his face.

Personal Life of Total Gaming

Total Gaming, whose supposed real name is Ajay, was born on 18th May 1999 in Gujarat, India. He grew up in a middle-class family, and his childhood was normal like another middle-class child has, but he was interested in Gaming from a young age. He used to visit an internet cafe to play games. Ajay only completed his schooling and college in Gujrat, and what total Gaming has pursued in his study is still being determined. His life changed when he opened his youtube channel and got a huge fan following among the youth, and due to that, he earned huge success, and from the success, he got money also. And Total Gaming’s net worth is a mystery. No one knows the exact figure, but you can guess his net worth because Total Gaming is one of India and Asia’s most popular gaming content creators.

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Total Gaming Family.

Despite his immense popularity, Total Gaming has kept his personal life private. He has never shared any details about his family, background, or where he comes from who is there in his family. He rarely talks about his family or personal relationships on social media. However, he is known to be close to his fans and often interacts with them through live streams and other social media platforms. He used to tweet at regular intervals on Twitter.

The Beginning of Total Gaming

Total Gaming Life changed when he started his YouTube channel in 2018 to entertain and to do casual games. He never thought people would love to watch his live stream, so he never showed his face, and he was doing simple gameplay. Still, people love to watch his live stream, and slowly and gradually, his views were increasing daily. Then he got the idea that people loved his live stream, so after that, he started to upload a video of 10 to 15 minutes daily and started to focus on his youtube channel, and his popularity increased daily.

In his initial days, he used to do live streams of PUBG mobile. But he was not enjoying it much, and everyone was playing the same game, so he thought to do something different, and he started playing free fire game. One of the main attractive things about his live stream was His engaging and entertaining gameplay, and his voice was the cherry on the cake. His voice attracted many subscribers, and today Total Gaming has over 34.8 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

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Real Name of Total Gaming.

As mentioned earlier, Total Gaming’s real name is Ajay, and no one knows his last name. His name Ajay has been revealed in a few of his youtube videos and live streams. However, he prefers to go by the name Total Gaming, which is why he has named his channel Total Gaming, but his fan calls him AJJU BHAI because fans love to say that.

Total Gaming Net Worth.

As of 2023, Total Gaming net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, which is around 14 to 15 crore in Indian rupee. His net worth mainly comes from his YouTube earnings, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. Total Gaming has over 35 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he mainly does live gameplay and uploads short gameplay videos.

According to Social Blade, his channel’s estimated monthly earnings range from $16.8K to $269K only from youtube adsense. And apart from YouTube adsense, Total Gaming mainly earns through sponsorships and merchandise sales. He has collaborated with several tech brands, including ASUS.

Like other YouTubers, Total Gaming can launch his merchandise, but he used to say that it’s enough how much he earns, so he does not want to open his merchandise to earn more.

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Why does Total Gaming have not revealed His Face?

One of the most mysterious and unique things about Total Gaming is that he had never shown his face in any of his videos or live stream. He always does live streams without any face cam. He only does commentatory on live streams or in his video. There are several reasons why he chooses to do so.

Firstly, Total Gaming never thought he would be that famous, so he just started doing live streams without showing his face. And he also says that he does not have money to buy a face camera in his starting days, so he was not showing his face in the initial days.

Another reason is that he thinks his content should be the main focus of his videos rather than his appearance. He wants his fans to enjoy his gameplay and commentary without getting distracted by his look.

Another reason might be that Total Gaming wants to maintain its privacy. He doesn’t want to be publicly recognized or expose his life. By keeping his face hidden, he can protect his identity and lead a happy life without any hustle outside of social media.

And one of the most prominent reasons Total Gaming does not want to show his face is that in his initial days, he opened his youtube channel without his parent’s concern. That’s why he does not have money to buy a face camera, and when he has become immensely popular, one of the most searched things about him is his face reveal. Total Gaming might think that if he reveals his face, the main USP of his channel will be lost, so slowly and gradually, he might lose his fan base.

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Total Gaming Rise to Fame.

Total Gaming’s rise to fame began when he found his passion for playing games, and he continued his passion. He thought to do something with his passion, and he opened his youtube channel, and the rest is history.

He had nothing before that youtube channel. He was a simple guy from a simple middle-class family, but his dream was big, so his thinking was also significant, so he believed in his dream. And today, he has all this name, fame, and success due to his belief in himself.

Total Gaming’s success can be attributed to his consistent hard work because anyone can do any work with full motivation for one day or two, but it’s hard to be consistent in something. But Total Gaming was consistent from the first day, and till now, he is consistent and makes videos with so much passion that it looks like his first video.

He has diversified his content to include gameplay videos of popular games like Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile. Total Gaming’s dedication and passion for Gaming have been evident in the quality of his videos, which have kept his fans engaged and coming back for more.

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Awards and Achievements

Total Gaming’s popularity and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Because of his hard work and dedication, he has received many awards and nominations in different categories for his contributions to the Indian gaming community. In 2020, Total Gaming won the Best Gaming Creator Award at the Indian Creator Awards, organized by Instagram. The same year, he was also nominated for the Streamy Awards in the International category.

YouTube has also recognized Total Gaming for its outstanding performance on the platform. Due to his hard work and dedication, he has received the Silver and Gold Play Button for surpassing 100,000 and 1,000,000 subscribers, respectively.

He has also received the Diamond Play Button for surpassing 10,000,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Getting a Diamond Play button in such a short span is really something to get proud of, and it’s an achievement for any YouTuber.

Total Gaming’s Impact on the Indian Gaming Community

Total Gaming’s rise to fame has not only brought him fame and success but has also helped the youth of India to dream big and make their future in Gaming. And his fellow creator also got motivated to work hard and pursue Gaming as a full-time career.

Total Gaming channel has become a platform for gamers to learn how to make content and engage their audience. New gamers or youth who love to play games can learn many things from the total gaming youtube channel.

You can learn and understand many things by following Total Gaming. You can learn that, If you do anything with complete dedication and hard work and create quality content, you can do many things in your life.

Total Gaming’s impact on the Indian gaming community has been significant. With his dedication and hard work, he continues to inspire and motivate others to pursue their passion for Gaming.

FAQ about Total Gaming.

What is Ajju Bhai income?

According to stats and sources, Ajju bhai earns 14 to 15 crore which is around $2 million.

Who is the owner of Total Gaming?

Ajay, who is known as Total Gaming, is the owner of his youtube channel Total Gaming.

What is the Age of Total Gaming?

As the date year of total gaming is 1999 so according to that, total gaming is 24 years old.

Total gaming monthly income in rupees?

As per source 15 to 20 lakh is the total gaming monthly income in rupees.


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