Zakir khan Net Worth 2023: GF,Personal & Professional life Full Details.

Zakir khan net worth
Zakir khan Net Worth

Hi guys, if you are interested and want to know about Zakir Khan net worth and his personal and professional life, then you have come to the right place.In this article, we will talk about the net worth of Zakir Khan, his personal life, his family background, and how he started his career in stand-up comedy.

Nowadays, stand-up comedy is getting popular in India. People like to watch stand-up comedy videos, and stand-up comedians enjoy the fame they get from their stand-up videos. But there are only a few comedians who are just ruling the stand-up comedy scene. And among them, one is Zakir Khan.

Who is Zakir khan?

Zakir Khan is an Indian stand-up comedian who has been immensely popular from last five years. People love the way he narrates the story. He tells a story relatable to many people, and people like it when they listen to the story, which is also relatable to their life.

Zakir Khan Net Worth 2023

Zakir Khan has an estimated net worth of around $3 million, equal to 34 crores in Indian rupees in 2023. He has generated all his net worth through his stand-up comedy career, and apart from his stand-up career, he has done web series also, which helps to generate his net worth. He has done popular series like CHACHA VIDHAYAK HAIN HUMARE, which got immensely popular, and they have to bring the 2nd part of this series.

Zakir Khan has generated all this net worth through his stand-up comedy career, and it was not easy for him. He has struggled a lot in his life. He became the star of the town because of his comedy skill, he was zero when he entered this comedy field, but now he is one of India’s richest and most popular stand-up comedians.

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Net worth stats of Zakir Khan from 2015 to 2023

Zakir Khan Net worth In yearNet Worth Amount
In 2015$0.3 million
In 2016$0.7 million
In 2017$1 million
In 2018$1.2 million
In 2019$1.7 million
In 2020$1.9 million
In 2021$2 million
In 2022$2.3 million
In 2023$3 million

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Zakir Khan Monthly and Annual income

Zakhir Khan’s monthly income is around 25 lakh, and the annual income of Zakir Khan is about 3 crore in Indian rupees. And most of his net worth comes from various sources like standup shows, brand endorsements, sponsorship, etc.

Many people also ask how much Zakir Khan earns. Zakir Khan earns around 25 lakh per month, and his earnings change according to the requirements of his shows. If a standup tour happens in that season, he will earn more through the standup shows, and if the season is not for standup, he will earn lower compared to other months.

Zakir Khan charges 10 to 12 lakh per show. If the show is for Amazon and Netflix, he charges more than this, and the same goes for corporate shows.

Zakir Khan Net worth 34 crore
Zakir Khan monthly income25 lakh
Zakir Khan annual income3 crore
Zakir Khan charge per show10 to 12lakh

Sources of zakir khan Net worth

Zakir Khan has done a lot of struggles in his life, and today, he has generated a lot of net worth because of his dedication towards his work. Zakir Khan earns money through many sources. There is more than one source of his income. Nowadays, if any creator gets popular, then many income sources door gets open, which also happens to zakir khan. So All net worth sources of zakir khan are discussed below.

One of the primary income sources for zakir khan is his Comedy shows. Zakir Khan has an immense fan following worldwide, so fans are ready to pay massive amounts for a single ticket to his show. His stand-up shows are high in demand, the 1000 seater auditorium is being housefull within a few hours of his announcement, and you can guess his popularity.

Not only nationally but he is performing internationally also. He also has an immense fan following in countries like the USA, Canada, UK and many more. According to sources and various platforms, zakir khan charge 10 to 12 lakh per show, and management is ready to pay him this amount which increases the net worth of zakir khan.

Apart from his stand-up shows, due to his immense fan following, he has attracted the attention of brands and companies, so brands are ready to pay him lakhs to promote their product through his Instagram stories and post. Zakir Khan charges 7 to 8 lakh per sponsor video, and this helps to increase the net worth.

Zakir khan Stand Up video

Seeing zakir khan’s popularity increasing daily, the production company started to pitch web series ideas to zakir khan so that he could act as the lead actor in that series. Zakir has also done web series. Zakir Khan’s series name in which he acted is CHACHA VIDHAYAK HAIN HUMARE. And CHACHA VIDHAYAK HAIN HUMARE season 2. And it helps to give extra sources of income, increasing net worth.

Zakir Khan also sells his Stand up special to ott platforms like Amazon prime video, and in return, amazon pays him. Zakir Khan charges 30 lakhs for a special stand-up video to OTT platforms, and some of the famous Zakir Khan stand-up specials are listed below.

Zakir Khan Popular stand up comedy Special
Haq se single
Kaksha Gyarvi
Farzi Mushaira

Early Life and Background

Zakir khan family
Zakir Khan Family

Zakir Khan was born on 20 August 1987 in the Heart of India, Indore. Zakir khan Comes from a modest family background, and his family was very far away from the entertainment industry. Zakir’s Father was an ordinary person who used to work in school as a music teacher, and his mother was a housewife.

They were simple people with simple dreams. But in that family, there was Zakir, who always dreamed big. According to his special Tathastu, Everybody used to think that he would do nothing in his life. He always used to kill his time by roaming here and there.

He had done various jobs and businesses, but all failed, and he was tired of family pressure, so he went to Delhi and told his parent that he was doing the job, but he was unemployed, and it was so hectic to even manage a meal for a day.

Zakir Khan Biography and wikipedia

NameZakir khan
Date Of Birth20 August 1987
Father Name Ismail khan
Mother NameKulsum Khan
Brother NameZeeshan Khan, Arbaz Khan 
School NameSt. Paul Higher Secondary School, Indore
Maritial statusUnmarried

How Zakir khan Carrier started?

There is one saying if you have a dream and you are dedicated to your dream, then your dream will be 100% come true, and this happened to zakir khan. Zakir Khan always thought to do something unique and went to Mumbai for some regular job. And he was introduced to a term called stand-up comedy, and he did not know that one day he would be known as stand-up king.

At first, he joined AIB, an entertainment company founded by comedians like Tanmay Bhat and many more who are now Zakir’s best friends. At first, he joined AIB as a writer, but later on, Tanmay knew his talent and allowed him to do stand-up comedy, and the rest is history. His Dailog Sakth Launda became so popular among the youth, giving him a cult fan following.

Zakir Khan Favourite Things:

Favourite ActorPankaj Tripathi, Manoj Bajpayee
Favourite ActressMadhuri Dixit
Favourite GamerMortal
Favourite movieGangs of Wasseypur
Favourite songMai pal do pal ka shayar hu
Favourite singerArijit singh
Favourite folk singerMame Khan
Favourite DishBiryani
Favourite poetMirza Ghalib
Favourite sportCricket
Favourite carBmw
Favourite DancerPrabhu Deva
Favourite DirectorRaj Kumar Hirani

FAQ about Zakir Khan

What is the net worth of Zakir Khan?

Zakir khan have approx net worth of $3 million which is around 34 crore in indian rupees.

Zakir khan Grandfather?

Zakir Khan’s grandfather was Sarangi Maestro Ustad Moinuddin Khan. He used to perform Indian classical instruments and was a vocalist who used to play the sarangi in the “Jaipur Gharana.” of Rajasthan.

Zakir khan Age?

Zakir’s Date of birth is 20 August 1987, so Zakir Khan is 35 years old.

Zakir khan wife?

Zakir khan have one famous dialogue Haq Se single, and he is following that in his real life, so zakir khan is unmarried

Zakir khan brother?

Zakir Khan has two brothers whose name is Zeeshan Khan and Arbaaz Khan.

How much does Zakir Khan charge per show?

Zakir khan charge 10 to 12 lakh indian rupees per show.


Here, our article about Zakir Khan net worth ends, and we have tried to talk about all aspects of Zakir Khan’s life and his inspiring journey. He came from an unknown place with a dream and became a huge stand-up comedy with all his hard work and dedication. If there is any update about his net worth or Zakir Khan biography, we will update it soon.

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